Do my character strengths help me build resilience?

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

The short answer? Yes!

The somewhat longer answer? If you learn a little bit about the science of character strengths and their evidence-based research, discover your own unique signature strengths, work on integrating and calibrating your strengths, and move forward to apply them on a regular basis, then the answer is still "YES, you've got this!"

Sounds complicated - it must take a long time?

Actually, once you make a decision to get started, and you're open to gaining "strengths vision", it's not complicated at all. Every one of the 24 character strengths listed above are within each of us! We all have signature "go-to" strengths which come more naturally to us. So your top 5 will be very different than another person's top 5, and that helps us understand each other better in the light of strengths instead of judging or criticizing one another. We have different strengths!

Discovering your signature strengths, and focusing on them to overcome challenges and pursue opportunities, is so much easier than dwelling on your perceived weaknesses and trying to "change". As we say in this work, we focus on "what's strong vs. what's wrong"...or... even better... "We build upon what's strong to overcome what's wrong...and pursue what's right for us!"

How to begin...

There are many ways we can work with you to start living with your "strengths side out". Check out the options at!

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