Character Strengths "Camp"

Training for big sports dreams is great, how about big life dreams too?

This time of year, many young people are heading to camps to work on their skills for basketball, baseball, hockey, etc. Some are heading to music camp, bible camp, or other specific venues to improve, grow, learn, and share experiences with other young people. This practice is wonderful! It's a "best practice" which has stood the test of time. Camp attendance has been shown to improve social skills, physical endurance, and knowledge of the targeted endeavor.

Why not add character strengths "camp" - an eight-week learning and coaching program which includes the ability to connect with resilience allies to grow in their strengths awareness and use?

People who use their character strengths a lot are 18 times more likely to flourish* and 2/3 of us are unaware of our character strengths**! If we can give the gift of signature strengths awareness to our young people, it will help them live with their "strengths side out" when pursuing any goals or meeting all challenges...including sports!

* Hone et al. 2015

** Lineley, 2008

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