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Inter-Resilience is an educational online, phone or in-person coaching program which helps people build personal resilience through character strengths awareness - and grow the best in themselves by living in a strengths-based focus at home, school and work.
For Personal Resilience Coaching: We hold eight 45-minute sessions to start. Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, you'll learn at your own pace how to be and stay more mentally and emotionally fit - and create habits that will be with you for a lifetime. 

For Employers and Schools: We build customized programs working with your needs and the content and activities which are proven by research to increase productivity, improve morale, and reduce turnover.

We help you help yourself build and sustain resilience.  Utilizing evidence-based research and proven practices, we will facilitate individual, family or group sessions which fit your needs and budget. 

How It Works
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Each customized program starts with gaining awareness of unique character strengths by taking the VIA Character Strengths Survey which is free, brief, and based on validated scientific research.

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Each program includes instruction and activities to integrate signature strengths and apply them to navigate  challenges and opportunities with resilience.



Depending on the focus, time, and delivery method, each program includes proprietary active learning tools to explore how character strengths impact our lives and the lives of others.

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All programs include Resilience Allies training and tools to use on a daily basis to connect with others for reminders which combat negativity bias using a language and focus of strengths.

Reviews and testimonials from June 2019 RESILIENT LEADERSHIP workshop:

"It was applicable to work, personal and family life."

"I wish it was longer!"

"Allies and the strengths survey were eye opening."


Sample 8-session Personal Resilience Program

Held via phone, video call, or in person where safety permits.

I.  Launch Session:  Character Strengths Awareness

VIA Survey, Negativity Bias, Mindfulness, Resilience.

II.  Character Strengths Ownership/Integration

III.  Character Strengths Applications

IV.  Mindfulness and General Awareness Practices

V.  Inter-Resilience Action Step One:  Strengths Spotting

VI.  Inter-Resilience Action Step Two:  Resilience Allies

VII.  Character Strengths Genograms and Daily Life

VIII.  Closing Session:  Action plan, resources and feedback

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